Close to the city center!
Activities you can enjoy at THE FOREST

There are many things you cannot experience in the city.

Hanging out in the nature, relaxing, and enjoying a bonfire and BBQs as well as camping. However, many people might give camping and outdoor activities up by saying, “It takes a lot of time to go out of the city,” “I’m a bit worried about traffic jams if I go there by car,” and “It is hard to carry all the bags by train.” In that case, we’d like to recommend glamping, where you can experience outdoor activities comfortably.


Our facility, THE FOREST, is easily accessible from the city center and lets you have a variety of outdoor experiences in the nature.

We prepare a lot of outdoor activities even beginners can enjoy, so please visit us!



The location accessible by both car and train



THE FOREST is a glamping facility standing in the forest in Tsuru City, Yamanashi. It takes approximately 80 mins by car.

It is fun to drive to the facility and enjoy the views outside. It is convenient to take a train, too.

Take a limited express train at JR Shinjuku Station and you’ll get to the nearest station called “JR Otsuki Station” in 59 mins.

If you want to use a free shuttle service from JR Otsuki Station, please apply for it by 1 week before the day of your stay.

Please feel free to use our free shuttle service if you don’t have a car or worry about driving.


It takes approximately 20 mins from JR Otsuki Station.

On your way to our facility, you may be able to see the front of Mt. Fuji if the weather is good.

When our bus approaches the photo spot, we will let you know, so during your trip to our facility, please enjoy taking beautiful pictures.



The location surrounded by the great nature



THE FOREST is a glamping facility where you can enjoy the beautiful nature even though it is easily accessible from the center of Tokyo.

THE FOREST, standing in the forest of conifers, is a quiet place far away from the noise of the city.

The facility is surrounded by mountains, and one of the attractions of it is that the views change beautifully each season.

No buildings such as skyscrapers and houses will not disturb you anymore.

Please enjoy the surreal great nature and have an amazing time in this remote place.


You can enjoy outdoor activities around the facility as well.



There is a very clear river called “Tozawa River” near THE FOREST, and you can find mountain stream fish there.

Mountain stream fishing is done there, and the river is popular among locals, too.

During your stay, you can always hear the sound of the river.

There is a variety of creatures that can live only in a clear river such as mountain trouts. In summer, you can have fun in the river, so please enjoy it with your family!



Next to THE FOREST, there are some public parks such as “Yuu Yuu Park” that’s all covered with grass and “Waku Waku Hiroba” that has a zip-line and long slide.

These parks are very popular among families especially with small kids.

It’s good to enjoy moving your body with your kids and be surrounded by the nature.

In addition, you can rent a car at JR Otsuki Staion, so if you want to see some sightseeing spots in the neighborhood during your stay, it is recommended to do so, too.



Let’s enjoy outdoor activities!



You can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities only in the great nature, and it is one of the attractions THE FOREST has.

There is no need to carry your heavy baggage, set things up or prepare.

Here, you can experience the best fun way of outdoor activities that you cannot in the city.

There are few artificial lights such as buildings and street lights around THE FOREST.

When the weather is good, you can see the sky full of stars at night.

We have telescopes for stargazing, so why not look for some seasonal constellations?

With a star chart board, it will be easier to locate them.




A bonfire is definitely one of the activities you should try.

You can experience the preparation for firewood as well as a bonfire. At night, you can enjoy wood-chopping and a bonfire for free at the deck next to a tent.



Bonfires have a therapeutic effect, so it makes you feel relieved by just looking at them.

Let’s forget about work and daily life and spend a gorgeous time with your friends and family under the sky full of stars at a quiet night.

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