You can always feel comfortable during your stay!
Types of rooms / equipment / amenities of THE FOREST


THE FOREST opened in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture, this July, and it is very accessible from Tokyo taking approximately 80 mins.

You can feel the great nature surrounded by the quiet forest, which makes our facility more attractive.

It is a recommended facility for people who want to enjoy walking in the forest, have fun in the Tozawa River close to the facility in summer and have a surreal experience by getting away from the noises of the city.


Also, “Workcation,” that balances work and vacation, has been a popular way of working in a remote area far away from home.

“THE FOREST” is also a good place if you feel like leaving your house for a change temporarily and focusing on work.



Comfortable rooms looking like a hotel



THE FOREST is a glamping facility in the forest of conifers where you can fully immerse yourself in the purely natural environment.

It is good for a trip with your family and friends as well as Workcation for some fresh air.

THE FOREST has 7 dome-shaped tents in total: 3 tents with 2 beds (for 4 people) and 4 tents with 4 beds (for 5 people).



Part of the tents is transparent, so if you open the curtain, you can see the outside view form it.

Moreover, each of the 7 tents has a different theme of interior decoration, and you don’t know which tent you will stay at until you actually arrive here.

Please enjoy your stay at our special dome-shaped tent you’ll never get tired of.



In a tent, there is some equipment that makes your stay comfortable.

Air conditioners are installed, so you can use our facility regardless of season.

We also have a mineral water dispenser, so you can enjoy the good water of Mt. Fuji any time you like.

There are drip coffee and tea bags in the tent, so you can have a wonderful time enjoying meals as well as watching the view outside your room with a tea.


There are a lot of necessary amenities for your stay!



The administration building called “THE MAIN” of THE FOREST is equipped with a lot of necessary items for your stay.

When you make an outdoor trip, you probably tend to bring so many things, but THE FOREST prepares as many amenities as hotels do, so you can minimize what you need to bring with you.

Amenities female customers will be happy with are… shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, hair brush, a set of skincare products, etc.

The nightwear we prepare for you is as excellent as ones hotels do, so you can rest and relax.

You will bring what you need to your room from the administration building “THE MAIN.” Please come and bring what you need like a hotel stay.



There is no need to worry about crowds and you can use a shower as much as you want!



One of the annoying things at an outdoor facility like a camp site is that you have to share a shower with others.

It often happens that you can’t use a shower even though you want to because it’s always occupied.

THE FOREST prepares your own shower room in each room at the administration building.

In the shower rooms, a bathroom sink and hair dryer are installed so that you can relax, prepare in the morning and put on a makeup.


You can go in and out using a special key to your shower room, so other customers cannot use the same shower room.

That is why you don’t need to worry about a crowded shower room and you can enjoy a shower any time you want.

In addition, it is hygienically safe since only your family and friends will use the same shower room.



Convenient laundry rooms for the quick laundry & long stay


THE FOREST has laundry rooms with 2 front loader washing machines so that you can do the laundry when you sweat and your clothes get dirty during your stay.

Even if you play a lot and your clothes get dirty and wet, you can quickly do the laundry, so no worries!

Also, it is convenient for people who come to our facility for a workcation.

Laundry detergent (pods) is sold for 100 yen per piece.

It is great you only have a small amount of baggage because you don’t need to bringa lot of clothes for your stay.


We have introduced what kind of rooms, amenities and equipment you can use during your stay at THE FOREST.

Please fully enjoy glamping and have a wonderful and comfortable time using our free amenities, rental items and equipment well!


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