You can’t miss the glamping food!
Gorgeous BBQ, breakfast and wine you can enjoy at THE FOREST


One of the exciting things at glamping is “meals”.

You can have a lot of gorgeous and glamorous experiences at glamping, so you probably have high hopes for meals as well.

You can enjoy a glamping BBQ and breakfast mainly using local ingredients of Yamanashi at THE FOREST.

Please have a gorgeous BBQ as one of the outdoor activities.

This time, we would like to introduce a free drink service where you can have as many drinks as you want at a glamping BBQ and breakfast.


Why don’t you have a BBQ with delicious ingredients the great nature of Yamanashi produced?



There are a lot of good ingredients in Yamanashi, where the natural environments and climate are perfect for them.

THE FOREST prepares a glamping BBQ plan with plenty of the local ingredients.




The main dish is…Koshu Wine Beef Steak! This beef is very soft with a strong aroma given by grape pomace from the wine-making process.

Moreover, Yamame trouts, pork and fresh seasonal vegetables, produced using the rich mineral water of Mt. Fuji that was selected as one of the top 100 waters, are used as local ingredients.

There is no need to bring heavy devices for BBQs, arrange them or make a fire!

It is one of the best parts of glamping that you can enjoy a gorgeous BBQ comfortably.




〈Glamping BBQ Menu〉

Koshu Wine Beef Steak From Kobayashi Ranch

Pork Steak Produced Using The Spring Water of Mt. Fuji

Salted-grilled Yamame Trout Produced Using The Spring Water of Mt. Fuji

Smoked Scallops

Vegetable Sticks Camenbert Cheese Ajillo With a Slice of Baguette

Mashroom Milk Hoto (*Hoto is a hot pot dish in Yamanashi including flat Udon noodles and vegetables in miso soup.)

Baked Apple With a Milk Gelato

*The meal is subject to change without notice depending on the season and stock.


We prepare a special Koshu Wine which the sommelier selected carefully.



THE FOREST also has a free drink service for the alcohol menu you can enjoy.

From 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., we prepare beer, wine, cocktail of Japanese Spirits and soft drinks at the administration building called “THE MAIN.”

In addition, even though it is not a free drink, we would like you to try Koshu Wine for dinner that is outstanding in the whole country.




Koshu Wine is a type of wine that is produced using Koshu Grape, which is a local specialty of Yamanashi. Koshu Grape is susceptible to mold and rain, so it can be produced only in limited areas.

Yamanashi Prefecture, surrounded by mountains, has little amount of rainfall compared to other prefectures, so it is a suitable place for Koshu Grape to be made.


THE FOREST prepares a variety of the special Koshu Wines which the sommelier “Ken Hasebe” who won The National Championship of Wine Advisor selected carefully.

Please enjoy the combination of a gorgeous glamping BBQ and outstanding Koshu Wine!


You don’t need to worry about the bad weather because it’s glamping!



The good part of BBQs is you can eat meals in the natural environment as well as grill delicious ingredients.

Glamping BBQs of THE FOREST have a sense of openness like camping and let you have a wonderful time at meals.

We prepare an open private BBQ space for you. You can enjoy a gorgeous BBQ in the pure nature of Tsuru.

The private BBQ spaces are located close to each tent building.

When the weather and climate are good, why don’t you bring a table and gas grill out of a tent and enjoy meals in the open air like camping?

It is a private space, so there is no need to care about other customers.

It is comfortable even if you are with your small kids.



When you have a BBQ as an outdoor activity, what you need to worry about is the weather.

In the case of outdoor activities like camping, you may have no choice but to call off a BBQ if it rains.

However, at THE FOREST, you can enjoy glamping BBQs without worrying about the weather.



The private spaces are equipped with a simple tent.

If it’s just drizzling, you can have a glamping BBQ in the tent.

Also, when it is cold outside, it is possible to enjoy meals with a heater in the tent.

Enjoy a surreal glamping BBQ like camping in winter!



Breakfast will be served in a cute box.



You can cook eggs with a skillet as you like and warm up or pan-fry pot-au-feu, bread with bacon and hash browns.



〈Breakfast Menu〉
Bread (Honey soy, rice fine and cheese bagel)

Green salad




Hash browns

Yogurt Fruits

THE FOREST, as the name suggest, is a glamping facility in the pure nature.

Surrounded by the forest of conifers and clear river with mountain stream fish, breakfast with the fresh morning air is the best.

THE FOREST prepares gorgeous BBQs for glamping and nutritious and filling breakfast.

Please fully enjoy your stay at THE FOREST as well as meals!

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