Feeling comfortable even in the bad weather or winter!
BBQ cottage close to the great nature.


“THE FOREST” is a large glamping facility in Tsuru City, Yamanashi, and it is accessible from the city center taking only 80 mins. One of the fun experiences you can have at THE FOREST is a glamping BBQ in the pure nature.

A new BBQ cottage for all seasons has been completed recently, and you can enjoy meals much more comfortably now!

We’d like to introduce some recommendations at THE FOREST as well as a new version of our BBQ cottage.


BBQ cottage that allows you to enjoy a BBQ even in the bad weather!



Many people think the best part of camping and outdoor activities is BBQs.

In the great nature, it feels surreal to cook ingredients and do BBQs, and you might drink more and more without thinking. However, there is also a disadvantage for BBQs.

It always depends on the weather and you might have to give it up in the bad weather.

To solve this problem, we have built this all-weather BBQ cottage.

Thanks to the ceiling and walls of the cottage, you don’t need to worry about having to stop BBQ even if the weather gets bad suddenly anymore, and you can enjoy a BBQ comfortably any time you want!



How about BBQs in the quiet forest in winter?



In winter, you might not like to do a BBQ because it’s so cold outside. It often happens that you cannot enjoy a BBQ being busy warming yourself up, and juicy meat and ingredients can get cold very quickly.

That’s why many people believe BBQs should be done in warm seasons such as spring and summer.

However, our new BBQ cottage at THE FOREST lets us enjoy BBQs even in winter! In the cottage, heaters are installed, so you can enjoy it in a warm environment.

Why don’t you have a fantastical glamping BBQ in the forest surrounded by silence in winter?



Enjoy a BBQ in summer without worrying about insects!



Summer is the best hot season for BBQs, but many people might say, “Oh, but I don’t like insects, so…”

However, our BBQ cottage at THE FOREST can enable you to have a good time without caring about insects!

There are two big windows in the cottage, so you can feel closer to the nature.

You can enjoy a glamping BBQ that balances an outdoor activity and comfort.


Both Glamping BBQs and Sudomari BBQs are OK!



At THE FOREST, we have two plans: Glamping BBQs and Sudomari BBQs.

On the Glamping BBQs plan, you can enjoy a gorgeous BBQ using local ingredients only here.

On the Sudomari BBQs plan, please bring ingredients you like and enjoy your style of a BBQ.

There is no need to bring heavy devices for BBQs or make a fire!

You can enjoy a BBQ comfortably when you want to focus on the quality of ingredients and do a BBQ without being stressed out.


How about a BBQ for employee training and a company trip?



Wi-Fi is fully installed on the premises at THE FOREST, so it’s a good destination for workcations as well.

It is easily accessible from the city center taking approximately 80 mins. You can be more productive in the nature.

Also, we prepare a working space called “FOREST,” so it can function as a corporate satellite office, training facility, and destination for a company trip.

We have a Free Drink Plan where you can drink as much draft beer and wine as you want, so you can have a social gathering when doing employee training and making a company trip.

When the weather is good, you can enjoy it under the blue sky, and when the weather is bad, you can use our BBQ cottage and still enjoy it.

It is very flexible and the weather is not a problem anymore!

THE FOREST has an all-weather BBQ cottage for all seasons, so you don’t need to worry about the weather, temperature and insects at all.

Couples, families, girls’ gathering, employee training, company trips, etc… Anything is possible!



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